Private and Customized Tours    
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have your tour tailor-made to meet all your expectations

RealPoland has years of experience in organizing private, tailor-made tours. In this case, everything is up to you! You can travel on your own, with your family or a group of friends. You can get a ready-made itinerary as a starting point and let us adjust it, mix it and adapt it to match your traveling style, or have your tour designed from scratch. You can choose anything from budget to luxury traveling. Family-friendly vacations, topic-focused sightseeing, activity-packed tours, you name it! The sky is the limit. Share your ideas, suggestions and expectations with us and we’ll design your dream tour of Poland.

Our customized tours can combine sightseeing of Poland with visiting the Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia, or Lithuania.

We’ve prepared a few private tour sample itineraries. Please treat them as a starting point, an inspiration and an example, bearing in mind that all the elements can be changed or adjusted to suit you best. We can also design a completely different tour, basing on your points of interests and ideas.