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Poland, the land that once upon a time was called Paradis Judaeorum (‘The Jewish Paradise’), the land of unique memorials of the European Jewish heritage of the past centuries. On the other hand a country that witnessed the darkest part of the Holocaust, when it was under Nazi German occupation. The roots of modern Zionism and the idea of the Jewish State are to be found here as well. It all makes our Jewish History Tour in Poland a lifetime experience for everyone related to the Jewish identity or simply interested in the history of this fascinating nation and its culture.


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Day by day

Hello Poland!
Your Jewish History Tour starts at a hotel in Warsaw, located just a few steps from the only synagogue that survived the Second World War. Private transfer from the Chopin Airport (WAW) is included.
Overnight in Warsaw

Explore Jewish Warsaw
The Jewish Ghetto in Warsaw, created by the Nazi Germans, was the largest in Europe. You need a car to see all of the remains of the former closed district. During our chauffeured tour you are taken by your specialized guide to: the Umschlagplatz (collection point), the only remaining street of the Ghetto – Próżna, the uprising leader Mordechai Anielewicz’s bunker memorial, the Monument of the Ghetto Heroes. Traditional Jewish style lunch (please mind it does not always mean kosher) is followed by sightseeing of the brand new Museum of the History of Polish Jews (POLIN). In the evening it is time for a stroll around the historical Warsaw Old Town.
Overnight in Warsaw

Close-up look at Warsaw’s Jewish heritage and transfer to Łódź
We start in the morning with Okopowa Street Jewish Cemetery – one of the largest, still operating Jewish necropolises in Europe. The place of eternal rest for famous Polish-Jewish personalities including: Ludwik Zamenhof (esperanto language founder) and Marek Edelman (one of the commanders of the Jewish uprising in the Warsaw Ghetto). A plenty of artistic, original sculptures can also be seen there, giving example of the local Jewish symbolism and traditions. We head then to the Nożyk Synagogue that survived the last war by miracle and has been fully renovated. The synagogue still operates not only as a prayer house but as a Jewish cultural center as well. After lunch we depart to Łódź. On the way we stop in Góra Kalwaria – the major center of Hasidic Judaism in Poland and home to the Ger dynasty. Our visit includes the Synagogue, Jewish cemetery and the mansion of Tzadik Icchak Meir Rothenberg Alter.
Overnight in Łódź

Łódź – old Jewish business center
Today we explore the second biggest Polish city – Łódź. The location of the second largest ghetto (Litzmannstadt Ghetto) and the old home of Jewish factory owners, investors and merchants. Our specialized guide takes you for a walk through the streets of the former Ghetto and then you are all driven to the Radegast Station memorial. It is a unique opportunity to see what the deportations to death camps looked like. Among the detailed reconstructed elements of the Nazi train station you can even find a cattle car that used to carry people on their last journeys before being killed by the Germans. Lunch in Anatewka, a famous Jewish restaurant, is followed by a visit to the Reicher Synagogue, hidden in the backyard of the old city houses, which probably helped surviving the war.
Overnight in Łódź

Shoah memory day and Kraków
We leave in the morning for a journey to Auschwitz-Birkenau. After a short introduction movie there you are taken by the local guide into the world of Shoah. You have an opportunity to see both: Auschwitz I and the located six miles away Auschwitz II (Birkenau) camp. We find original wooden barracks, real prisoners’ belongings, gas chambers and administration buildings there. There is even a chance to take a look over the camp infrastructure from a historical watchtower. After lunch we continue to Kraków. The best idea for the evening is a walk in the picturesque medieval Old Town enlisted as UNESCO World Heritage.

Overnight in Kraków

Exploring medieval Kazimierz and other Jewish places
RealPoland’s Kraków guide takes you for a chauffeured tour of the city. We start with Kazimierz and its seven prayer houses including the famous Remuh Synagogue and cemetery. You also pay a visit to Schindler’s factory museum as well as the sites used to film the Spielberg movie in 1993. After lunch you head to Płaszów – the place where another Nazi German concentration camp was located. We finish the day with a visit to Podgórze quarter that hosted Kraków Ghetto during Second World War.
Overnight in Kraków


Journey back to Warsaw and farewell or start of the extension tour
On the way to Warsaw we stop in the medieval town of Sandomierz, the Old Town of which is a perfect example of the original gothic architecture in Poland. We pay a visit to the original baroque synagogue there that currently hosts the state archive. After lunch we drive back to Warsaw.
If you decide to extend your tour, before the visit to Sandomierz you head to Łańcut. This famous destination for the Hasidic Judaism followers hosts one of the most valuable synagogues in Poland that remained from the war and Nazi occupation. Once you go there, it is also necessary to see the local castle, the history of which dates back to the 16th century. After a long day we stay for two nights in Lublin.
Overnight in Warsaw or Lublin. Your tour can finish here or you can choose the extended version, like below.

Eastern Poland – Eastern Jewish tradition
Lublin – the biggest Polish city east of Vistula river – used to be called ‘Polish Jersulamem’. Explore the former Jewish cultural center and home for the Yiddish-speaking society. A walk with a local guide starts in the historical Jewish quarter and leads us to the local castle that hosted the Nazi prison during Second World War. Later on you visit Old Kirkut, one of the oldest Jewish cemeteries in Poland, Chachmei Yeshiva building with its operating prayer house and Chewra Nosim Synagogue. Lunch is planned at Mandragora, believed to be the only truly Eastern Jewish restaurant serving traditional food based on original recipes nowadays. In the second part of the day we drive to Majdanek. There, the so called ‘Konzentrationslager Lublin’ witnessed the murder of approximately 80000 people. Majdanek Memorial is less known than Auschwitz, however the whole infrastructure, including barracks’ interiors is in almost identical shape. For the evening we advise a walk around the Old Town on your own.
Overnight in Lublin.

Back to Warsaw through the small Jewish towns
In the morning we depart to Kazimierz Dolny – called a pearl of the Polish Renaissance, a picturesque historic town by the Vistula River. Formerly a home for the large Jewish society of merchants, craftsmen and artists. Kazimierz Dolny remained with its own unique character and architecture that creates perfect atmosphere for the sightseeing. You have your lunch at the old Jewish ‘U Fryzjera’ restaurant. In the afternoon we continue to Warsaw with a stop in Otwock. Prior to the war it used to be a famous Jewish spa town with absolutely unique wooden sanatorium buildings erected in Highlanders-like style. It is also worth stopping for a moment in Karczew, where we find a picturesque historical Jewish cemetery located in the middle of a forest.
Overnight in Warsaw

Day 10 Farewell to Poland, journey back home
In the morning you have free time for your own activities. Our driver and car are at your disposal then. Transfer to the airport is included.