Kraków City Tours    
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Once a Stone Age settlement, nowadays the second most important city of Poland, its former capital and probably the most popular Polish tourist destination. It used to be the seat of Polish kings and it is a major academic and artistic center. Enjoy the magical atmosphere of the Old Town, have a taste of nightlife in Kraków or discover the nearby tourist attractions. Kraków is the perfect starting point for excursions to Auschwitz, Wieliczka or the Tatra Mountains.


Kraków Tours

Kraków tours
Krakow City Tour
4-5 h

Jewish Krakow Tour
Jewish Kraków
5 h

Excursions from Kraków

Auschwitz-Birkenau Tour Excursions from Kraków
7 h

Wieliczka Salt Mine Tours
Wieliczka Salt Mine
5 h

Auschwitz Tours from krakow
Auschwitz & Wieliczka
10 h

Zakopane tours from Krakow
Zakopane & Tatra Mountains
8 h

Wadowice Tours form Krakow
Wadowice, Kalwaria & Łagiewniki
6 h