Appreciating the Grandparents

Being one of the winter months, January is dark, cold and abounds in snow. Everybody has their own ways of making the long evenings warmer. But two days are warm by definition, at least when it comes to the warmth we feel in our hearts. The 21st and 22nd of January. The Grandmother’s and Grandfather’s Day, respectively.

Contrary to the custom in the United States of America, the holidays in honor of our grandparents aren’t celebrated in September. What is more, there is no single Grandparents Day. Both the grandmothers and the grandfathers have their own holiday, so they can enjoy full attention and as much familial affection as possible.

grangparents day poland

Young children are usually the most enthusiastic about it, and try to spend the day with their grandparents and shower them with adorable gifts; hand-made trinkets, drawings or greeting cards, mostly made by the kids themselves, are a must. Many kindergarten pupils (with the help of their teachers) arrange special performances for their grandparents, with songs and acting, hand-made presents and then having something sweet to eat together. But the parents – who still are children after all – also remember to show appreciation. Most common gifts the elders get from their adult children are flower bouquets and confectionery, be it chocolates or home-made pastry.

The idea of celebrating Grandmother’s Day was only introduced to Poland around 1964 and Grandfather’s Day started to be celebrated in the 1980s. But, as all things in Poland, it evolves fast, and powerfully. Because there is no such thing as too much love, affection, kindness and pampering where grandparents are concerned.

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