Warsaw Jewish Stories    
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One of the most fascinating aspects of Warsaw’s history is related to the Jewish heritage. Everyone heard of the local ghetto and of its heroic uprising during WWII, and some of you might have also seen “The Pianist” by R. Polanski. However, Warsaw Jewish Stories are not only about the war and Holocaust.

Jewish Warsaw

The first Jewish settlers came to town in the Middle Ages. For centuries, they had been recognized as influential merchants and talented craftsmen. Your specialized guide will show you the old, forgotten Jewish streets, once filled with stalls and workshops. Religious life was also very important for the Jewish society in old Warsaw. Therefore, you are going to see famous Nozyk Synagogue on Grzybowski sq. (the one and only that miraculously survived WWII), as well as the locations and some remains of other prayer houses.

Next unique stop is Warsaw Jewish Cemetery “Powazki”, which dates back to the nineteenth century. There, you will see a vast number of amazing sculptures, monuments and memorials devoted to Warsaw Jewish heroes and personalities (Korczak, Edelman, Zamenhoff and others).

Jewish Warsaw Tours, Synagoga Nożyków w Warszawie

Jewish Martydrom path will certainly not be skipped. With your guide, you will follow the footsteps of Mordehai Anielewicz – commander of the Ghetto Uprising, and one of the models for “Inglorious Basterds” characters ; Janusz Korczak – Jewish doctor and writer who accompanied children from the orphanage he run to the last trip in their lives, when they were transported to Treblinka death camp together. Such places as Umschlagplatz Wall, Monument to the Ghetto Heroes, and Anielewicz’s bunker must be seen.

Finally, you will have an opportunity to see the last remains of the Ghetto wall – those places are a bit off the main track, so again your guide will be very helpful.

After the tour, you might want to extend your stay and visit Treblinka (death camp memorial) or Gora Kalwaria (famous among Orthodox Jews as the residence of a famous Cadik).

  • 4 hours, can be extended on your request
  • Transport with a private car, English- speaking driver and licensed guide, entrance tickets
  • All year round, except Saturdays


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