Auschwitz & Wieliczka    
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Auschwitz Museum is for sure a must-see place for everyone, an indefinable icon of genocide and terror that humans did to humans. The Nazi German extermination camp functioned there between 1940 and 1945. Over 1 500 000 were killed, mostly Jewish people, but also Polish, Russian, Gypsy and others. Such memorials as wooden barracks, gas chambers, collection of shoes stolen from prisoners gives you a chance to understand the anatomy of evil. What is really important, the whole museum together with their staff and guides creates a perfect background for this difficult lesson. Expect to see both: Auschwitz forced labour camp as well as Birkenau extermination site. You will be assisted by a specialized, English-speaking guide.

Auschwitz Tour

For the second part of our tour we will take you south of Krakow – to the medieval salt mine in Wieliczka. It will be a unique opportunity to see the largest mine museum in the world as well as one of the last salt mines that operated continuously from the middle ages to the twenty first century! You will be led by a local guide through numerous corridors and chambers between 200 and 450 feet below the sea level. The biggest attraction for Wieliczka visitors is undoubtedly the Chapel of St. Kinga – a place of worship carved from salt rock, in its entirety, by the miners. As there are quite a few steps to go down, please let us know if you have problems with walking – we can arrange a lift for you. Except the fact that it is quite chilly underground (about 50 °F), the salt mine is fully safe and perfectly prepared to host visitors of any age.

The Chapel of Saint Kinga in Wieliczka Salt Mine, Poland.

  • 10 hours
  • private car transportation, English- speaking driver, tickets for the guided tours at Auschwitz and Wieliczka
  • All year round


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