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Welcome to RealPoland’s blog! Please make yourself at home here. We’re about to serve you some useful hints, keep you updated about our offer and abreast of the most important news about Poland. You will also get additional information about things you can do and visit in Poland, and well as Polish customs and traditions. We hope it will help you prepare for your trip to Poland make the best out of it when you come.

If you have any questions on traveling to Poland, need advice or believe there is something we should write about on our blog, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can also share your own experiences with visiting Poland. We would love to hear about your tips and hints for other travelers!

Recent news from Poland, bit of gossip and useful traveling advice.

Tap Water in Poland

If there was one thing that united Polish people some ten or fifteen years ago, I daresay it was tap water phobia. Tap water was considered to be contaminated, full of chlorine and simply undrinkable (and all the more so when unboiled). There were portable water filters in almost every household. Many people kept plastic jerrycans at home, in which they would carry water from oligocene water wells that could be found all around big cities. But those times are long gone. We’re witnessing a true revolution in the Poles’ attitude towards tap water. According to the Center for Public ...
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Things That Might Surprise You in Poland

People in all countries have their own habits that seem weird to a foreigner’s eye. Such quirks that one finds obvious and natural until someone else points out they aren’t considered normal in other parts of the world. Poles are no exception. Here’s a list of typically Polish things that might surprise you when you come. 1. The sandwich The first surprise comes when you are served your meal. Poles love sandwiches. Sandwiches for breakfast, sandwiches for supper. But when you get your sandwich, you might get the impression that something’s missing, because the Polish ‘kanapki’ are open, without the ...
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poland weekend may

Poland’s Beloved Majówka

After long winter months, nature is waking up to life at an astounding pace. Birds chirping, trees blossoming, bees buzzing, sun shining, clouds sailing the blue sky slowly… doesn’t it make you want to grab a blanket, pack your picnic basket and forget about the everyday rush? Well, that’s how millions of Poles feel about it. Luckily, there’s majówka /mah-yoof-kah/. Generally, the term majówka refers to going on spring trips away from your home, outside of the city. Picnics, walks and spending time in the bosom of nature. But more specifically, people use it to talk about the end of ...
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Polish language

Learn to Speak Polish in Just Five Minutes

(...or at least make others think you do) Every language has some specific words or sounds that keep the conversation going. I remember a little girl in her kindergarten years that moved to Sweden. A couple of weeks later an old lady living next door started talking to her. The little girl greeted her and then listened carefully, every now and then making a sound by sharply inhaling air, which is what Swedes do to say “yes” and assure the speaker that they are keeping up with the conversation. Finally, the lady said goodbye and went away. The girl’s mom ...
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tadeusz kosciuszko us

Polish National Hero and the American Cause

He was “a pure son of liberty”, as Thomas Jefferson put it. Lord Byron described the sound of his name as a “sound that crashes in the tyrant’s ear”. His portrait even made his way to Captain Nemo’s submarine. The highest mountain of Australia is named to honor him. Have you ever wondered why all these Kosciuszko streets, Kosciuszko bridges, Kosciuszko schools and Kosciuszko monuments all over the United States? Tadeusz Kościuszko (Kosh-chioo-shko), the Supreme Commander of the Polish National Armed Forces who led the uprising against Imperial Russia and the Kingdom of Prussia in 1794, trying to liberate the ...
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Książ Castle Poland, zamek

Unknown Poland: Książ Castle

The phoenix city of Warsaw, the royal city of Kraków, or Gdańsk, the city of amber - yes, there are places in Poland that are loved and frequented by tourists, and need no introduction. But to get the full picture of Poland, it’s worth visiting places that are usually not included in the best-of-Poland kind of tours. Or even stepping off the beaten path to explore places unscathed by crowds of tourists. Who knows what pearls you may find? If you’re curious what’s out there just waiting for you to see when you take one step further into the unknown, ...
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Real Poland Tours

Tic Toc: a Tourist’s Inner Clock

If you live in Northern America, Europe or some parts of Australia, you are most probably familiar with the concept of daylight saving time. What is more, you’ve just experienced it, just like the inhabitants of Poland have. We bet you are excited about the days getting longer and you can feel spring in the air, but on the other hand you might also be a bit miserable, because advancing the clock by one hour has affected your sleeping patterns and you need to adapt to a new reality. This experience gives you a foretaste of what tourists traveling to ...
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Bolesławiec pattery 2

Tips and Hints: Buying Souvenirs

A good holiday deserves to be long remembered. Pictures and films are a must, of course. In the era of smartphones and digital cameras you can take almost an unlimited amount of photos and share them with your family and friends. But it’s always nice to take a piece of the places you visit with you home or give it as a present to those who are dear to you. Something that will immediately bring back all the good memories. That’s why we like souvenirs so much. Let us give you some hints on what to buy in Poland. Linen ...
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Catkins Poland


Spring has come – more or less – and since it’s a great opportunity for a quick botanics lesson, you’re going to get one, whether you like it or not. The plants have awoken and any day now they will be sprouting, blossoming and doing all the things that plants do, and to which most people don’t really pay attention anymore. And yet practically every country has a distinctive flora, with some plants serving as a symbol for the entire country (Canadian maple leaves, anyone?) or at least a certain visual shorthand for the landscape. In the case of Poland, ...
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eastern in Poland

Easter in Poland

Easter (pl. Wielkanoc) is the most important annual religious feast in the Christian liturgical year. As that, in its core it’s not very different from the standard way of celebrating Easter around the world. There are, though, some interesting Polish traditions that stand out. For starters, there are written eggs (pisanki). Easter is associated with colorful eggs, now usually chocolate, but in Poland, they take a form of art, and still are the same old chicken eggs as always. Decorated by several different techniques by young and old alike, they’re the main dish during the Easter breakfast, and the main ...
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Unusual Accommodation: Feel the Magic of Polish Nature

In our previous post we followed the path of unusual places to stay at in Poland. Let us continue our extraordinary journey. We can already smell spring in the air, so this time we will pay a virtual visit to the Polish Mother Nature. We’ve prepared a selection of magical places that will allow you to experience the beautiful landscapes of Poland to the fullest. Enjoy! Missed previous part? Check it here: Unusual Accommodation: Because Typical Hotels Are Boring Glendoria Slow life at the end of the world, far away from the civilized world, in harmony with nature instead of ...
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The Easter Palm Sunday Poland

The Easter Palm Sunday

Easter is upon us! Between the many traditions around the world, none is nearly as colorful and happy as the Palm Sunday in Poland! And that’s what we’re going to talk about today. Palm Sunday is the day that starts the Holy Week in Poland – the seven days long celebrations before Easter. It commemorates the day that Jesus Christ entered Jerusalem riding a donkey, and was welcomed with the crowd shouting happily “Hosanna!” and waving palm leaves. But because palms are hardly anywhere to be found in Poland, they had to be substituted with something, and that’s how the ...
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What’s on the Menu?

One of the most exciting things about travelling is tasting the local cuisine. Some Polish dishes are known all over the world. We are sure you are familiar with pierogi, bigos and kiełbasa. Perhaps you’ve also heard of our traditional smoked cheese, oscypek, and Polish-style pickled cucumbers. But every culture has its own non-typical dishes that might seem a bit odd to tourists. We are no exception. Would you dare tasting any of these? Flaki You’ll find it on the menu of many restaurants among soups. Its name comes from the main ingredient: strips of beef tripe. The unforgettable, dense ...
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fot. Paweł Waga

Unusual Accommodation: Because Typical Hotels Are Boring

Planning your trip to Poland, why limit yourself to a clean bed and a bathroom at a typical hotel by a crowded street, when there are so many more options to choose from? Let us take you on a virtual guided tour of the most interesting and unusual types of accommodation in Poland. As we started writing down all our ideas on extraordinary places where you can get a good night sleep, the list got so long that we had to divide it into parts. So sit down, relax and try to picture yourself at one of these places, while ...
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