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Welcome to RealPoland’s blog! Please make yourself at home here. We’re about to serve you some useful hints, keep you updated about our offer and abreast of the most important news about Poland. You will also get additional information about things you can do and visit in Poland, and well as Polish customs and traditions. We hope it will help you prepare for your trip to Poland make the best out of it when you come.

If you have any questions on traveling to Poland, need advice or believe there is something we should write about on our blog, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can also share your own experiences with visiting Poland. We would love to hear about your tips and hints for other travelers!

Recent news from Poland, bit of gossip and useful traveling advice.

Collect Memories, Not Things – Get Yourself a Tour of Poland for Christmas

In today’s western world, we’ve got an excessive amount of things. And the Christmas season will bring another flood of neatly wrapped gadgets, gizmos and gimmicks that will probably be attractive for a short while and then attract nothing but dust for the rest of the year. Why not invest in something different instead? Something that will never be broken, that cannot be taken away from you, will never lose its worth and won’t ever end up at the waste dump: memories and experiences. There’s nothing more exciting than exploring new places and broadening one’s horizons. Traveling lets us experience ...
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Polish Christmas – Advent Calendar

Christmas, the time of the year we all long for, is almost here. In a strongly Catholic country like Poland, it is one of the most important holidays, celebrated merrily and solemnly. The Poles have lots of customs and traditions. You will recognize some of them, while other may come as a surprise. Let's wait for Christmas together! We've prepared a special Polish Advent calendar. When you click the arrow on the right of the image (or swipe the picture if you're using a smartphone or a tablet), you'll learn something about the way we celebrate Christmas. We've prepared 24 ...
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Fortune-telling on St. Andrew’s Eve

In Poland, the night between 29 and 30 of November was believed to be especially suitable for fortune-telling. It used to be celebrated by young, unmarried girls, who hoped that on St. Andrew’s Eve their future husband would be revealed. Nowadays, both men and women join the celebrations, as it is the last occasion for parties and dances before the upcoming Advent. A maid’s dreams It was important for every maid to remember what she dreamt about on the Andrzejki night. The man who appeared in her dreams on that night would become her husband. But if a dog appeared ...
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20 Surprising Facts about Poland

Traveling and getting to know foreign countries is always full of surprises. What’s surprising about Poland, you may wonder? When we started creating this list, our aim was to write ten facts, but before we even noticed, we already had twenty on it. And it seems like it’s only the tip of an iceberg! POLISH LANGUAGE 1. The Polish language is said to be difficult to learn. At least if you’re not a native speaker of another Slavic language. Our grammar and spelling are full of exceptions, and exceptions from exceptions. Fortunately, many people here speak English, so don’t be ...
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The Polish Struggle for Independence

On November 11, the world is celebrating the Armistice Day to commemorate the end of World War I. But for Poles this day is even more important, it’s our National Independence Day. It’s been 100 years since we regained our independence after 123 years of foreign rule. But how come the Kingdom of Poland ceased to exist, split between three powers? What once used to be a mini-empire... During the third partition in 1795 Poland was wiped out from the map of Europe, divided between the Russian Empire, the Austrian Habsburg Monarchy and the Kingdom of Prussia. But the end ...
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5 Things to Pay Attention to When Choosing a Group Tour

Your holiday is very precious, you deserve to have the best time of your life. Of course you want it to become a lifelong memory of amazing experiences. But with so many different options and so many tour operators on the market, trying to decide on the best option can easily give you a headache. We have a handful of tips and hints that can help you choose your tour consciously and wisely. 1. One is better than plenty We bet we don’t have to convince you that if a drug is supposed to cure everything, in fact cures nothing ...
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Remembering Those Who Are Gone

People all around the world are about to celebrate Halloween. Although some of the younger generation in Poland (especially parents of small children) have adopted this custom and you can meet children trick-or-treating on the streets, Halloween is generally frowned upon by many Poles and especially by the Polish Church. No wonder, as the cheery atmosphere stands in opposition to our traditional celebrations of All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day on the 1st and 2nd of November, which are full contemplation. An important Polish holiday Poland is a strongly Catholic country and All Saints’ Day is one of the ...
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The Polish Sahara

Poland is a real paradise for tourists. We have it all: mountains, sea, lakes and rivers, lush forests and flowering fields, historic cities. But there are also tourist attractions that you'd never expect in this part of the world. Believe it or not, there’s a real desert in the middle of Poland, just an hour’s drive away from Kraków! A mysterious desert The Błędów Desert puzzles its visitors. It contrasts with its verdant surrounding and thick forests. The sandy area is cut into two parts by the picturesque valley of the Biała Przemsza river, which looks like a kind of ...
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The Moodiness of the Polish Weather

Naturally, all travelers want to prepare for their trip the best they can and make sure they bring the appropriate clothing. But whenever we are asked one of the most frequently asked questions about what weather to expect during our tour, we wish we could take out our magical glass ball and check. We are great at organizing tours, but unfortunately we must admit we’re quite lousy fortune-tellers, so let us now draw an outline of the typical Polish weather, which will explain why the question about weather may turn out to be one of the trickiest ones. The climate ...
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Being a Parent in Poland

The whole world is watching Meghan Markle and Prince Harry with excitement, as they have just announced that they are expecting a baby. That’s wonderful news! Congratulations for the parents-to-be! We may have no royal family and no royal babies to expect in Poland, but I daresay most Polish babies have quite luxurious lives, taking into consideration the maternity leave policy, which guarantees that they have their mom or dad by their side during early childhood. Pregnancy and the Polish law The Polish labor law is very favorable for young parents and quite flexible when it comes to combining parenthood ...
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The Polish Education System

On October 14th Poland is celebrating the National Education Day (also known as the Teachers’ Day), which is a wonderful pretext for us all to feel as if we were students again and take a peek into the Polish classroom. All the more so as the Polish education system is undergoing structural changes, with a reform being implemented between the school years 2017/2018 and 2022/2023. Let us take you on a journey along the Polish education path. Nursery and pre-school in Poland When you are born, you stay at home with your parents for at least 20 weeks (including at ...
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Every Pole’s Favorite Fall Pastime

We call it Złota Polska Jesień, the Golden Polish Fall. The weather in September and October is usually pleasant and the trees amaze with all their reds, oranges, yellows and browns, which altogether makes one just want to get lost somewhere in the middle of the woods and give oneself over to nearly every Pole’s favorite fall pastime. What’s the secret of the Polish woods that attracts whole families and makes them take long walks, enjoying the fall nature? And why do people walk around carrying baskets and knives? Believe it or not, it’s because of… mushrooms! Poles love mushroom ...
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Black Soup

What’s the first kind of food that comes to your mind when you think of Poland? Pierogi? Bigos? Or perhaps kiełbasa? Well, it turns out that for many of our Guests it’s actually czernina - black soup, also known as czarna polewka. It is one of the oldest Polish soups and it has a very unique taste, not to be confused with anything else. Some love it, some don’t, some would never dare to even try it. A few recipes appear in the oldest Polish cookbook from 1682. Why does it evoke such emotions? The bloody side of Polish cuisine ...
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The Narrowest House in the World

The turbulent war and post-war history of Warsaw has resulted in a very incoherent architecture, with lots of temporary and random buildings. Still, it is an extremely interesting city, with its creative chaos, mysterious places and solutions you’d never expect. Extraordinary architecture One of such unexpected pieces of architecture is the Keret House, an art installation designed by Jakub Szczęsny, who invited an Israeli writer of Polish descent, Etgar Keret, to live in it. The house was built in 2012. What is so extraordinary about it? What we are talking about is fully functional living space in central Warsaw, inserted ...
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